Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Skip Chevalier

I remember standing in the kitchen with my Mom and sis and telling them that I was just proposed to the man I'd been dating all of 2 weeks and I was crying (no one ever cried in our family) and saying that I was afraid he would be killed young he was a state trooper - little did I know that my FAMILY would be the CAUSE of his death.

I tried to get my hubby to move away from the city we lived with my family in Ak. One nite I was discussing with my hubby about two years before his death - our moving to another city FAR AWAY from my nuts brother. There was an opening in a city about 9 or 10 hours away by car. I told him, "I think my brother will kill you someday!" He didn't believe me!

One time I convinced him to move, but he got really angry at me and said - "Okay, but I'm NEVER doing anything else for you again!" I told him - "NEVERMIND!!" We never moved and you will see the outcome of that!

The day he was killed - I was standing at the bottom of the stairs in our house and I heard or felt "Skip's going to die soon!" And my thot was - I wonder when that will be? I stood there for another moment and got no reply. When the revelation 'hit me' was without emotion - it was without upset - unlike his actual death and following - it was calm and cool delivery and was accepted as FACT. It was to prepare me for what would happen next and couldn't be stopped.

That afternoon - I tried to talk with Skip about - "how about we not go up to the ski lodge this evening." Skip said, "but we have the spaghetti!" - Like they couldn't feed themselves? So I acquiesced ...

Then I said, "How about we go to Mass tonite?" Skip said, "no - I don't want to - and besides we'll be late if we go up after 6 p.m. - I'd like to get up there earlier." But when he saw I was disappointed by his reply and he said, "it's not that I don't love God - I just don't want to go to church tonight!" He had never told me HOW he felt about God - in fact we went to church - but we didn't talk about God at all! It was a great surprise to me when he said this - but it comforts me to no end that he said he LOVED God.

*******This is my story of the death of my hubby on April 3rd, 1982.


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