Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Salman Taseer

Most people aren't known to the world until they die, and it seems the same fate happened to Salman Taseer. He was well known in his own part of the world Pakistan but he should now have a greater influence as he was one of a rare breed who stood up for what was right even though as he was taking a stand it would ultimately be signing his death warrent.

It seems that if you have a row in Pakistan and you are christian and the other is Muslim, the Muslim can go to the police and say you have blasphemed against Allah and thus get you arrested and sentenced to death. I am sure if that was possible for every dispute and argument ever to have taken place we would not have enough landfill for the bodies which would have to be disposed of.

For a religion which says it is so peaceful why does it have such a draconian and vicious opposition to anything which does not agree with it. Lets hope Salman Taseer did not die in vein.

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